Social media of the rich and famous

As if there was not enough already to distinguish the rich and famous from the others, we are introduced to the rich kids’ social media-inspired by only the rich and the famous and meant for them too. It comes as no wonder then that the rich kid’s social network has emerged as one of the most sought-after and exclusive social networks.


It has also been featured with some of the most popular names such as BBC, Washington Post, Daily Mail, Fox News, Huffington post and several others on a similar platform.

What is Rich Kids Social Network?

One of the most exclusive applications, the Rich Kids Social Network is exclusively designed keeping in mind the lifestyle of rich and famous kids. The application has pictures and photographs that suitably define the flamboyant lifestyle of rich kids. Kids who hog all the limelight because of their fabulous and exclusive lifestyle are actually the star of the social media here. While anyone can be a part of this application, only rich kids are allowed to share their photographs and enjoy some of the vital features of the application.

The features that make this social media unique are definitely its membership, exclusive audience and a hidden agenda of charity. The rich kids’ membership is an astounding $1000 per month, just in case you are looking to be a member of this exclusive social media. And that is what precisely brings exclusivity to it.

And there is a good part of it as well. One-third of any member is donated to the kids who are living in a property. The money is used for their education and thus, gives them a chance for a better life. So there is your chance to be the hero of the day!